When you were younger, did you ever create stories? Well, we did. In fact, we enjoyed making stories so much that we never stopped. That's why we're here today, to share some of our stories with you - whether they're about inept highwaymen or gigantic toy monkeys - and to help you share your stories with others. 

We're a social enterprise which wants to provide talented, undiscovered artists with an open and inclusive platform for collaboration and industry exposure. Ours is an artistic platform which, no matter the medium, is focussed on creativity, diversity and the power of stories to inspire and engage.

Our Team

Oliver Blagden - Founder and Artistic Director

Oliver grew up in the Peak District, after which he moved to London to dedicate his life to growing back down. Which he's done rather well, wouldn't you say?

Ankur Vora - Founder and Artistic Director

Ankur and Oliver founded PBP in 2010, because, well, it was summer, and their water guns were broken. He enjoys filmmaking, photography, music, LFC and has an unhealthy obsession with the Muppets. 

Lizzie Davies - Producer

Lizzie is northern. That's all that matters. OK fine, if you must know - Lizzie also loves acting, dancing and demolishing cakes. 

Paul Heelis - Producer

Although Paul is from the Garden of England (Kent) he is surprisingly not green fingered. Instead his talents lie in creativity, tea making and first class beard growth.     

Salman Razzaki - Producer

Salman thinks, takes photos and eats. And sometimes he's a doctor.